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We Love Shooting

We Love Shooting


We Love Shooting is a participatory theater performance that is the result of collaboration between the artist Jiří Žák and the theater group 8lidí. The play premiered on 10.3. 2023 in the Display gallery in Prague.

Year of creation: 2023

participatory theater, 1h 40min

With theater group 8lidí
Thanks to: Display Gallery


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We Love Shooting straddles the border between theater and participatory performance and contains distinctive elements of visual and audiovisual art. The performance consists of a part of the opening of exhibition about history of the fictitious company GunCzech and a General Meeting, where are the participants invite to the "non-public" part of the functioning of the company. In the imaginary backstage, everyone is seated at one table to talk about weapons, to discuss matters related to the running of the firm, as well as the behavior of those who represent it. Everyone who participates in the meeting will receive separate documents prescribing the replicas of the given "role" and a brief description of the specific character, including the manner of behavior during the meeting. Being for a while the one who co-decides and participates in the distribution of firearms in the world is also the price for the opportunity to look into the decision-making process of such business operations. The past and the present intertwine in the game. What is the influence of Czechoslovak weapons in the current conflict in Syria? How quickly do we forget the ongoing war conflicts? And is there any connection between the situations in Syria and Ukraine?

Review (in CZ)

The project includes gallery installations as well as performances and theme-related lectures for the public held during 2022 (presenters included, for example, Pavla Holcová, Zora Hesová, Markéta Kutilová, Zeina Kanawati, the Nesehnuti initiative and others).


Display Gallery, Prague, CZ

Photo: Oskar Helcel



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