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The Incantation of the Real

The Incantation of the Real


The Incantation of the Real is Jiří Žák’s project which was created for the Cursor Gallery in Prague. In short summary, it deals with the reality of climate crisis through the lenses of anxiety, mobilizing sadness, enchantment, exorcism of fossil corporations and the spirit of revenge.

Year of creation: 2019

sound-installation, video-installation

Starring: Yazan Set Abouha, Edita Valášková, Kateřina Císařová
Music: Enchanted Lands
Technical support: Jonáš Richter

With the support of the Center for Contemporary Arts Prague and Edith Jeřábková.

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An important theme of the work is also the geopolitical dimension of the climate crisis which is shown through the perspective of middle-east. Žák developed the critical footprint in the narrative regarding the privilege in which the Europeans approach the ecological issues and climate crisis. He articulated his experiences from his research in Jordan and collaboration with the artist Yazan Set Abouha. The narrative consists of three different characters using three different languages: Czech, English, and Arabic. The Incantation of the Real is a series of works. The main part is the sound-installation with several pieces of designed exhibition furniture which serves also as big speakers and together creates kind od sound landscape. Another part of the work is three video-loops which shows a wandering through different types of land in which is embedded sometimes almost invisible watermark of fossil fuel corporations logos.  

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The Incantation of the Real, Cursor Gallery, Prague


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