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Neglect Syndrom Politics

Neglect Syndrom Politics


Neglect Syndrom Politics deals with the problem of the disorientation of the body within space and deformation of the field of view.

Year of creation: 2017

three-channel video-installation 

Starring: Jim High
Technical support: Kateřina Konvalinová, Michal Blecha, David Přílučík, Jaromír Pražák

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The so-called Neglect Syndrom is a diagnosis when the patients neglect the left side of their bodies and the left side of their field of view. They don’t know that they are actually doing it. In this work, the body of the individual performs the state in which is situated ‘the body of the society’. This visualized situation is implicitly political. Neglecting the certain problems of contemporary societies is tied to the hegemony of liberalism. Extreme centrism generates blind spots which then tries to cover up with phantasmata that protect the status quo.  


Podmínky nemožnosti ii/vii: Bezprostředí, Cursor Gallery, Prague


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