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DeepReal Havel

DeepReal Havel

DeepReal Havel


In work “DeepReal Havel”, the artist Jiří Žák draws on his long-term interest in capturing local–implying mostly Czechoslovak or Czech–identity in relation to non-European cultures.

Year of creation: 2020


Starring: Sára Märc, Dan Kranich

Thanks to: Etc. Gallery, Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň, Tomáš Profant


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The work revolves around the speech of Václav Havel, which was delivered by the former Czech president on the occasion of receiving the Indira Gandhi Prize in 1994. In a collaborative process involving researchers Ondřej Horký-Hlucháň and Tomáš Profant, etc. gallery and Jiří Žák, the original text was rewritten based on the insights of postcolonial studies and the historical distance of almost 30 years. The resulting film re-evaluates the thought of a politician who has become an international symbol of the nonviolent defeat of totalitarian Soviet regimes and their transition to capitalist democracy. The theoretically and visually updated reading of Havel’s speech takes distance from the symbolic aura of his persona and adopts a new perspective on the relation between post-Soviet Czech society, Western countries, and non-European others.


Etc. gallery, Prague, CZ

Fotograf Festival #12, National Gallery Prague, CZ

DeepReal_Havel_Nikdo sem nepatri vic nez vy_Veletrzni palac_NG_FF22_ph_Jan_Kolsky_21_small
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